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Brand: Sports Tutor Model: C11
Tennis Cube is the most compact tennis machine, suitable for beginner and intermediate players (NTRP 2.0-4.0).It's so small and light, almost anyone can lift it, and it can fit in even the smallest car.Tennis Cube tennis machine is designed for you to train rebounds. When you turn on the tennis mach..
Ex Tax:710.00€
Brand: Sports Tutor Model: C12
Tennis Twist® was designed especially for beginning tennis players. Its compact size and easy operation make it an ideal first ball machine for kids just starting tennis. If a child can swing a racquet, he or she can play with Tennis Twist.EASY TO USE Tennis Twist is simple to use. Just turn it on a..
Ex Tax:250.00€
Brand: Sports Tutor Model: C331
Similar to the Smart Battery Charger, but will charge the battery up to three times faster.Automatically shuts off when the battery is charged, and indicates a full charge with an LED...
Ex Tax:90.91€
Brand: Sports Tutor Model: C1220
Plugs into an AC outlet to provide continuous operation for battery-powered Tennis Tutors. Comes in a nylon carrying case.For: Tennis Tutor ProLite, Tennis Tutor, Tennis Tutor Plus, Wilson...
Ex Tax:90.91€
Brand: Sports Tutor Model: C1218
Included with all machines requiring chargers. Automatically shuts off when machine is fully charged.UK power cable included. For : Tennis Cube, Tennis Tutor ProLite, Tennis Tutor,Tennis Tutor Plus, Wilson tennis ball machines...
Ex Tax:60.00€
Brand: Sports Tutor Model: C1228
Spare battery Battery Cube.Designed for tennis machine Tennis Cube.Provides 2-3 hours of battery power for the Tennis Cube...
Ex Tax:22.54€
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