Best tennis ball machines

wilson tennis ball machine

Tennis is a difficult sport to master, there is no doubt. If you are reading this, you have probably already made the decision that getting a tennis ball machine is the ideal method to step up your game. These machines let you practice your returns without the need for a partner. And choosing between the best tennis ball machines can be as difficult as mastering the tennis itself. But luckily, we have gathered some useful tips to help you make the choice between the best tennis ball machines and find your match.

What to consider?

Tennis ball machines exist in a wide range, much like other items available on a market today.

You have the choice of investing thousands of dollars in top-tier machines or choosing a simpler, less expensive option. Surely, your decision will depend on your preferences, expectations, and financial limitations. Start your search for a machine with that functionality if you have a specific one in mind.

Different types of machines

Tennis ball machines come in a variety of designs and each one has advantages and disadvantages. Most common Tennis ball machines are revolving wheels or compressed air.

Compressed air-type of machines are less expensive and not that hard on tennis balls during use, but they can be noisy and not as accurate when using a variety of different size tennis balls. Rotating Wheel on other hand is more consistent and much quieter than other ones. But they are way more expensive, and you will need to change your balls more often, as they will wear out sooner when using a rotating wheel machine.

But, it’s not that easy, sadly. You have to keep in mind different aspects, like:

  • Ball Spin Types – There are different topspin and backspin shot characteristics available on different tennis ball machines and they are definitely an excellent addition since you may practice various swings and swerves and improve at them.
  • Various Oscillations – alter the shooting direction, so you can train every kind of shot you could encounter in a real tennis match. Some machines can blast from side to side, while others – allow you to shoot straight at yourself.
  • Speed – It’s crucial to be able to control the ball’s speed since it enables you to practice a variety of strokes, from baseline returns to close-range shots.
  • Remote control – All the machines come with an integrated control panel, but it can be challenging to operate your ball machine from the other side of the court and for that reason, some of the more expensive models also include their own remote controls.

Just keep in mind, sometimes the price is not the key to finding the best tennis ball machine – it’s considering the options you need for the best results.