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Like most websites on the Internet, this website uses cookies. These are small files that are downloaded to your computer to improve and enrich the site’s user experience. With their help, the server can identify the user whose computer has downloaded the cookie. For more general information about cookies, see the Wikipedia article on HTTP cookies.

Disabling cookies

It is possible to restrict and disable cookies using the settings of the Internet browser (how to do it correctly – search on the browser’s help page). However, it should be taken into account that restricting cookies can affect the operation, functionality and capabilities of specific and other websites, therefore it is recommended not to restrict the operation of cookies.

Cookies set by us

This website offers the possibility to subscribe to news in e-mail format. Cookies are used to record those who have registered to receive news. Also, with their help, different audiences are selected to send specific messages. The page offers e-commerce or payment options, and cookies are necessary to ensure a proper transaction process. We often offer surveys and questionnaires to provide our audience with news, useful tools and to understand our target audience better and better. These surveys may use cookies to remember which users have already completed them. When data is submitted through contact forms or the comment section, cookies may remember user information, such as username, to further maintain communication. In order to improve the experience of using the page, this page offers settings that determine the behavior of the page. To remember these settings, the page needs cookies, which are activated every time the page is opened.

Third party cookies

In special cases, cookies provided by trusted third parties are used. This page uses Google Analytics, which is one of the most widespread and reliable analytics solutions. It helps to understand the behavior of the audience on the website and improve the user experience. Its cookies can record the actions performed on the page, the time spent using certain parts of the page, in order to be able to improve quality and relevant content. For more information about Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page. New features are tested from time to time that adjust how the site works. While feature testing is in progress, cookies can be used to ensure a consistent user experience while providing data on which optimization processes users value most. In certain cases, it is possible to offer certain content to a specific audience, based on actions performed related to social network accounts. These types of cookies allow you to provide your audience with content that may be relevant. Social network buttons or icons are used to connect social networks to the website. Such engagement of social networks can ensure the delivery of more relevant content and a more convenient use of the page.

Customer information

In order to answer your questions and provide remote services, we collect and store the information you provide, such as your first and last name, your address, your phone number and your email address. This information is required to process and ship your order. We use the stored information only for our internal purposes.

Legal information

Information about you must only be used on our website. We are responsible for passing this information on to other parties (trade partners, etc.). If you do not want this information to be passed on, please write an email to: [email protected]

More information

When collecting the given information about the operation of cookies, it is recommended to allow their use and not to disable them, because they can significantly affect the operation of the page. If you need additional information, contact us using the contact form.

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