ICREDO partner programme is a programme, where any performer of economic activity or a legal entity may apply to receive remuneration for each product sold from the range of our internet store.

How to become a partner?

A customer, who has purchased at least one tennis machine from our website and is registered in the ICREDO partner programme can become a partner.

How does it work?

You will find steps for the use of the ICREDO partner programme below.

  1. The associated partner must have any tennis machine purchased on ICREDO website.
  2. Register for the Partner Programme by visiting the user account section “PARTNER ZONE” Enter all the required information and click “NEXT”.
  3. Use the section “Partner URLs” to generate a code for each product, which will later be transferred to potential stakeholders.
  4. When your customer clicks on it and buys the product from us by using your unique link with the code to purchase any of our products, you start accumulating partner programme rewards.
  5. Section “Statistics” within the “PARTNER ZONE” shall provide you with all required information on the amount of rewards that you have accumulated.
  6. Rewards that have been earned by successful purchases with the use of your code, will be disbursed by a bank transfer once per month and only after successful delivery to the customer.

Additional information

The reward rate is 3%.

The sum of rewards is calculated on the basis of the sum of customer purchase by using the partner code, excluding VAT in the amount of 21%.

Example: If a customer buys a product that costs EUR 4,356,00 (including VAT 21%), by using the partner code, the calculation is as follows = 4,356.00 – 21% (VAT is deducted) = EUR 3,600 (the amount, on the basis of which the partner reward is being calculated).

Then, 3% of the remaining sum of EUR 3,600.00 is calculated, resulting in EUR 108.

Summary: by selling a tennis machine at EUR 4,356.00, you will receive EUR 108!

Purchases made by using a valid discount code or during the campaign.

Sometimes, buying a ICREDO product at a discount or using a discount code is possible. The partner’s interest will be calculated based on the campaign price or with the discount applied to the product.

Legally: Please be aware that the marketing partner of the branch is by no means an official contract similar to a SIA Credo Baltic employee, associated partner, sales agent or consultant.