Shotmaker Mini Player with MULTI remote control

Shotmaker Mini Player with MULTI remote control

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  • Model: C27461
  • Weight (kg): 28.12
  • Dimensions (cm): 66.04 x 43.18 x 55.88

SHOTMAKER MINI PLAYER is a portable professional tennis ball machine. It has a built-in internal oscillator, which means that only the ball-throwing mechanism within the machine moves to change the position of the throw from one side to another, instead of the entire machine needing to be turned. The machine hides the direction of oscillator rotation to prevent the player from knowing when the ball will be thrown, as well as to ensure faster ball throws from one place to another. The built-in throw programmes of MINI PLAYER model are similar to those of TUTOR PLUS PLAYER models. This machine can be charged by directly connecting to the 220V grid. Use MULTI remote control to set throwing in the particular direction if required, or to manage the tennis machine without approaching it.

3 295,00 


SHOTMAKER MINI Player Sports Tutor patented Player Mode™ simulates a real player – Automatically picks an appropriate speed and spin, then changes both the side-to-side position and depth of shots, which are computer programmed to simulate the shot patterns of real players at the Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced levels. 2-line oscillator feature – Shoots balls to two preset positions. This allows a player to practice alternating forehand and backhand shots, and helps an instructor work with two lines of students in a group lesson. There are two 2-line settings: Narrow & Wide.

Features of all SHOTMAKER MINI Models:

  • AC/DC operation with a built-in battery typically lasts 4-6 hours
  • Simple controls – no menus to navigate.
  • Ball Speed – Up to 85 MPH (137 km/h)
  • Ball Feed – From one ball every 1 second to every 6 seconds.
  • Elevation Control – Ball trajectory is electronically adjustable from groundstroke to lob.
  • Spin Control – Heavy underspin to heavy topspin.
  • Ball Capacity – 225
  • Rust-proof – Aluminum and high-impact plastic construction.
  • Multi-Function Remote – Wireless control of all functions just like you were using the actual control panel. In fact, the layout of the buttons on the Multi-function remote is almost identical to the layout of the buttons on the machine’s control panel, so there is nothing new to learn.

Ordering a tennis ball machine, charger “Smart Battery Charger” is also included.

Additional information

Weight 28,12 kg
Dimensions 66,04 × 43,18 × 55,88 cm



3 gadi

With an oscillator


Number of balls



AC/DC operation with a built-in battery



Game duration

4 – 6 h


1 – 6 sek.


16 – 137 km/h

Battery charger included


Topspin / Underspin option


2 line function



Warranty 3 years
With Oscillator +
# of Balls 225
Power AC/DC operation with a built-in battery
Remote control +
Playing time 4-6
Weight (kg) 28
Interval (secs.) 1-6 s
Speed (km/h) 16-137
A smart battery charger is included +
Adds Topspin and Underspin capability +
2-line function +