Tennis Tutor Plus Player with iPhone / Android remote control

Tennis Tutor Plus Player with iPhone / Android remote control

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  • Model: C714
  • Weight (kg): 20.86
  • Dimensions (cm): 49.53 x 50.80 x 50.80

Tennis Tutor ® is a portable tennis training machine. Suitable for any type of courts and for professional athletes. The advantages of this machine include the possibility of adapting the training mode for amateurs as well as professionals. Three base programmes for “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” players are included. The patented PlayerMode system will provide you with the feeling that you are playing a real adversary. Two-line functions are included for different play modes. iPhone/Android remote control will ensure the convenience of use to enable you to manage all programmes without approaching the tennis machine.

3 145,00 


TUTOR PLUS PLAYER model – simulates a real player. The TUTOR PLUS PLAYER model (patented) simulates a player on the other side of the net. Simply press the button and the machine’s program will automatically throw balls with the selected speed and spin trajectory. TUTOR PLUS PLAYER with iPhone/Android remote control. Phone Multi-Function Remote – Requires free app download. Available for both Apple and Android phones. Automatically connects instantly via Bluetooth, no need for a wireless broadband connection. If this option is purchased, a Bluetooth receiver is installed in the machine. The TUTOR PLUS PLAYER model can also be used with power using our accessories. All Tutor Plus models are available with AC/DC configuration. This means that tennis can be played on any court without using mains power. A separate charger is not required as the machine charges the battery whenever it is plugged into electricity. Thus, the game can continue without interruptions, as the charger always keeps the tennis machine ready for play without needing to charge the battery. *Extended three-year warranty is available for an additional fee.

Additional information

Weight 20,86 kg
Dimensions 49,53 × 50,80 × 50,80 cm



3 gadi

With an oscillator


Number of balls






Game duration

4 – 6 h


1.5 – 12 sek.


16 – 136 km/h

Battery charger included



Groundstroke to Lob

Topspin / Underspin option


2 line function



Warranty 3 years
With Oscillator +
# of Balls 150
Power Battery
Remote control +
Playing time 4-6 h
Weight (kg) 21
Interval (secs.) 1.5-12
Speed (km/h) 16-136
A smart battery charger is included +
Trajectories Groundstroke to Lob
Adds Topspin and Underspin capability +
2-line function +