Volleyball Tutor – volleyball training machine

Volleyball Tutor – volleyball training machine

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  • Model: C1631J
  • Weight (kg): 16.00
  • Dimensions (cm): 74.00 x 56.00 x 33.00

Position Volleyball Tutor for sets, passes, or serves. Set the trajectory and speed for the desired height or distance. It may take a few repetitions to get the desired result.

1 595,00 


Setting Ball Trajectory

Loosen the trajectory knob (large knob to left of coiitol panel near throwing wheels)
by turning it several turns counter-clockwise. Brace the machine with one hand and move the trajectory knob with your other hand. Move the knob up to increase the trajectory and down to decrease the trajectory.

When the throwing wheels are at the desired angle, tighten the knob firmly against the machine by turning clockwise.

Connecting Extension Ball Track

Place the two rubber feet attached at the low end of the Extension Ball Track into the two equally-sized holes at the top of the machine’s ball track. Load up to six volleyballs.


For consistent throws inflate all volleyballs to the same pressure. Firmer volleyballs will be thrown farther than less inflated volleyballs.

Remote Control (optional)

Slip the loose end of the remote control tubing over the connector on the right side of the control panel box.

Step on the foot actuator once to stop the ball feed, atid once again to start the ball feed.
The Volleyball Tutor holds the last setting of the remote actuator even if it is disconnected.
TIP: Always store Volleyball Tutor with the ball feed ‘ON’ so it will work even if the remote actuator is not used the next time.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 74 × 56 × 33 cm


Ball count up to 6
Interval (sek.) 6 – 20